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There are over 200 robo advisors in the U.S. alone and each one of offers a different service.

The following tool will give you a recommendation on which robo advisor may be the one best suited to your needs.

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If you are here you probably already know what a robo advisor is and how it works. However if you have any other questions please check the following list:

Let me ilustrate this by giving you a simple example:
10,000$  Human Advisor Robo Advisor
Annual return 5% 5%
Annual fees 1.25% 0.5%
Value in 20 years 20,696$ £24,014$
Even if you chose a robo-advisor with a relatively high fee of 0.5% it will still be significantly less than using the services of a human advisor. This is exactly like the effect compound interest has on your savings, only in the opposite direction. The fees compound just the same. The longer you invest, the more dramatic the change.  

The main component of most robo advisor generated porfolios are ETFs or mutual funds.  An ETF is a collection of securities that are traded on an exchange, just like a stock.

By investing in these low-risk funds, robo advisors are able to actually meet the returns of the market.

By the way, most investment professionals cannot beat the returns of the market.

Typically you will need to answer a series of questions upon signing up.

In the next step your answers are being evaluated by the robo advisor.

The data will then be used to create a portfolio and automatically invest your assets.

A robo-advisor is a service that provides automated financial planning.  There is usually very little human supervision which means that the fees are usually a lot lower than the fees a traditional (human) advisor would charge.